Red Faces

TODAY one of my friends told me about an embarrassing incident when out with her four-year-old daughter. She was in a queue at the supermarket and in front of her was a black-haired woman in leathers with tattoos on her bare arms. Her daughter, having been told off for a similar incident only hours before, said loudly: "Look, mummy, that lady's been drawing on herself with felt tips. Tell her she's naughty." My friend suddenly remembered she had to find something at the opposite end of the supermarket.
This got us thinking about our most embarrassing moments.
When I was a young trainee reporter I was given the very important task of telephoning a man who had grown a giant marrow. One of my first comments to him was: "I hear you've got a particularly big one." At the time I was sharing an office with three male reporters who all started laughing so much they had to leave the room.
A former colleague remembers the time he was on the phone to a woman about the imminent closure of a day care centre for the mentally handicapped. The interview went well until at the end, having heard snuffling and whining noises throughout the conversation, he said brightly: "Have you got a dog there with you?" "No," came the cold reply. "That's my son."
Another friend recalls the time she was in a posh restaurant having an informal interview with a managing director. She was extremely nervous. In an effort to break the ice, he told a mildy amusing story at which my friend broke out into nervous guffaws of laughter. She had just taken a drink and she laughed so much that wine spurted out of her nose all over the crisp white tablecloth. She didn't get the job.
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  1. i just got home from work and read this - which was very timely as i had a really embarassing moment today. there was a woman in reception wearing the most hideous trouser suit you can imagine - it was kinda dark grey with red lapels and turn-ups and with really, really wide trousers. i was laughing and telling people about it in the office and -you've guessed it - one of my workmates said, 'that's my wife'. i could have crawled under my desk and stayed there all day!!

  2. When I was at school we had a pyjama day in aid of charity. In the morning instead of my school uniform I put on my PJs which had little pictures of Snoopy all over them. My mum drove me to school because I didn't want to get the bus. She dropped me off but when I got into school I was the only one in PJs because I'd got the wrong day! Everyone (cept me) thought it was hilarious. The teachers felt so sorry for me they had a collection in the staff room and I made nearly £50 for charity!!

  3. This was one of my embarrassing moments: A few years ago a family group went on a visit to Hampton Court and of course we went round the maze. It happened that we ended up in two groups with one group a little way ahead of the other. I was in the second group and we soon lost sight of the others. Then we rounded a corner and there they were. I ran quietly up behind and leapt onto my boyfriend's back - only to find it wasn't my boyfriend at all but a complete stranger the group had stopped to talk to. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me!