First Post: Welcome To My World

I HAVE a vision of my ideal kitchen; a beautiful country kitchen. It is in a country house where I can see fields from the window.

It has an Aga in which I cook country fare like casseroles and bread, filling the kitchen with mouth-watering aromas. It has light oak cupboards and granite counter tops. There are slate tiles on the floor. There is a large kitchen table where family and friends congregate to eat, read, talk and put the world to rights. There's a dog and a cat curled up keeping warm by the Aga.

Back on earth ... the reality is a smallish, untidy kitchen which occasionally has tin foil trays from ready meals in the bin and bread in the cupboard going blue around the edges.

I have just taken a look around and what do I see? The kitchen table has my laptop, a paper shredder, my iPOD in its docking system, a pile of tablemats, a plate bearing a few toast crumbs and an empty cup. The vacuum cleaner is standing accusingly beside me, shouting ‘use me, use me’, but I’m ignoring it for the moment. There is a can of spray polish on the breakfast bar – also shouting ‘use me, use me’. But I don't care. I'm happy in my kitchen and this table has seen many a meal consumed and heard a lot of laughter and a lot of chatter.

This is my first post from Around My Kitchen Table. I hope in the future to tell you about some of those conversations I have in my kitchens and to share random thoughts as they occur.


  1. This is where you started . And it sounds auspicious. I got here by looking for an Aga.
    Dream away.
    Oh, and by the way, has this blog started to become what you hoped in 2006 it would be?
    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  2. I found your beginning. Now I shall read forward, I'm looking forward to it.