Let's Enlargen and Embiggen the Soul

SURFING the net I came across this little gem.

Enlargen? Seriously?

I think the writer has been watching too many episodes of The Simpsons. Written on the statue of Jebediah Springfield are the words: "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man." When teacher Edna Krabappel questioned the word embiggen, fellow teacher Miss Hoover replied: "I don't know why; it's a perfectly cromulent word." Made me laugh.

Far too many people who write for the internet write in Simpsons-ese (see, I've made up another word!).

But as Ralph Wiggum said: "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"

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  1. I love The Simpsons!!! So many good quotes.

  2. its unpossible not to love the simpsons!!!!

  3. Oh good , thankyou . I always thought it was 'embiggeneth' .

  4. I love it when people invent new words! I thought I'd invented a new word called 'hornswoggle', but apparently someone had already thought of it. :(