Blogging From A to Z

IN a triumph of hope over experience, I have undertaken the A to Z Blogging Challenge. This gruelling task might not be on a par with running a marathon or sitting in a bath of cold baked beans but it will challenge my one remaining brain cell.

Throughout the month of April you have to write a blog post a day. Yes, one every day (except Sundays). As my blog output is equivalent these days to about one a month, if that, I'm going to have to pull my finger out. I did it last year for my other blog That's Purrfect and this year I have foolishly pledged to  do both.

If any of many blogging friends are interested, take a look here for details.

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  1. I never realised you had a masochistic streak in you, Mrs Table. I think I might grow to appreciate it. Be careful where you put your finger!

  2. Thank you, GB, for those words of warning. I would suggest you took part in the A to Z Challenge if I didn't think that doing so would offend the delicate sensibilities of other bloggers. Even so, I for one would make sure I read every post.