V is for Victim (Fashion)

I am to fashion what Osama Bin Laden was to world peace. Even so, for this post I thought I would take a cruise through my life as a fashion victim.

I was in my early teens when mini-skirts first made an appearance. This was how my friends and I gauged the optimum length - put on garment and check that finger tips were level with the hem. Yes, they were that short. Not a flattering look for a short, Devonian stumpwort.

Do any of you remember  op-art  clothes? I had a dress very much like this one in purple and black. I must have looked like a walking optical illusion. No wonder people put on their sunglasses when they saw me coming and yelled to their children, "Don't look directly at her, you'll go blind!"

Then in the 70s it was the era of long floaty dresses, floppy hats, Afghan coats and platform shoes. And who can forget those bell-bottom trousers? Love and peace, man.

By the 80s I was at work and so my clothes became a little more staid with a nod towards power dressing. I tended to look like Joan Collins in Dynasty on a very, very bad day. My shoulder pads were so wide that I got stuck in doorways and had people's eyes out if they got too close.

For the 90s I remember harem pants and Madonna's conical bras. I wore the harem pants but not the conical bras. I had enough people's eyes out in the 80s.

Looking at old photographs, the noughties were the time when I embraced long skirts and dresses right down to the floor. At least they hid my Devonian stumpwort legs.

In the present era, of course, I am at the cutting edge of fashion and when I look back in years to come I will see only an elegant, well-dressed woman who other women always wanted to emulate. Or something like that....

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  1. Aw, I think you are too hard on yourself. All the same, I could use some help with fashion. After a tummy tuck, at least. ~grin~
    Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
    In case I have not already informed you, I’m intermittently without Internet access right now. Thus I am trying to read and comment on as many blogs as possible whenever opportunity arises. Be well! And best wishes on completing the challenge.

  2. For years I have made most of my own clothes because I like simple lines and plain colors--I'm not fond of most prints. Consequently, I'm not much good at following fashion trends.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  3. I am sure you looked better than you think. I think that dress is cool.

  4. My minis were shorter than that, they used to call them pussy pelmets although I don't think mine were quite that short. Funny, I don't really remember any other styles that I wore. I emigrated in 75 anyway and found that Canadian fashions were somewhat behind England.

  5. Yup, I remember gauging the length of my minis to my fingertips. ;-)
    And my best friend still torments me with a picture of me in these fuzzy, wide legged, plaid pants with cuffs on the bottom. LOL
    Carol at My Writer's Journal