To my friends across the world:

This is what it is like in the UK when the sun shines for longer than a couple of hours!  The weather has been glorious for TWO whole days - hot and sunny. All our news bulletins, national and local, have featured the weather and all our newspapers carry pictures of people enjoying themselves on the beach. The rest of the world must think we're nuts!

Got up this morning and it's clouding over. Normality returns...

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  1. Yes, the English go crazy when the sun comes out. They expose their bare flesh to the sunlight and jump in rivers and lakes. Have you been baring your flesh, Mrs Table?

  2. And here in the state of Ohio, USA I've been dreaming about winter already. We're blessed with a reasonable amount of sun with plenty of rain (usually) but this steamy heat drives me indoors.

    Thank you for the chuckle. Very funny post.

  3. Hot and sunny for two whole days? You all must be beside yourselves with joy.

    Funny to think of you complaining about the heat :)