How Did Everyone Get To Be So Angry?

HOW did everyone get to be so angry? I know people whose default setting is permanent peevishness but it’s gone beyond that. Look on social media and you will find video upon video of people losing it. They are trolling on Twitter, being incensed on Instagram and snapping on Snapchat.

The sound of teeth gnashing and the sight of veins popping assaults my senses daily. I am metaphorically covered head to toe in spit spewing from the mouths of the splenetic.

Turn on your TV  and you will see angry people shouting at angry people while Jeremy Kyle rubs his hands in glee. Reality shows should be renamed I'm Psychopathically Angry Get Me Out of Here, Irate In Chelsea and The Outraged Housewives of Angry County.

The young are fuming at the baby boomers because they can afford a house, the baby boomers are angry at the young because they see them as entitled little shits who haven't worked a proper day in their lives.

Look in your local newspaper and you will read about people incandescent with rage because there is a van parked with one wheel on the pavement or their packet of 50 turkey twizzlers had one missing.

Anger knows no religion, social class, political persuasion or gender. Various Christians, Jews and Muslims are angry at people who don't share their views. The poor are angry at the rich for not sharing enough, the rich are angry at the poor for taking too much. Political parties are angrily tearing themselves apart. The jobless are angry they are unemployed and the employed are angry they are being exploited. Men are angry at women and women are angry at men. Reasoned debate has been replaced by clashing horns, the winner the person who can shout the loudest.

Of course, not all anger is bad. There is positive anger when we rage at the injustices of the world and vow to do something about it.

But you have to pick your battles. Walk a mile in the other man's moccasins. And ask yourself, a year from now is anyone going to give a damn? And chill. Just chill.

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  1. Love the JIm butcher quote, he is one of my favourite authors, I have all the Harry Dresden novels.
    As for anger, about 95% of people seem to unnecessarily be on a very short fuse these days.
    I have just three words for them.
    Get over it.

  2. The hormones in the water supply might have something to do with it. Also, everyone gets more angry in the hot season - we see it with the buffalo in Africa.

  3. I try to just breathe, live and let live. My life is blessed, though. Good post. Be well!

  4. Everyone in news photos has the square Murray mouth of unspeakable rage !
    But actually , since it makes them all look as though they're going through the Terrible Twos , it's perfectly ignorable .