Where's The Kitchen Table?

Why is this blog called Around My Kitchen Table when there's scarcely a kitchen table to be seen? Literally thousands one person asked me that.  I can scarcely remember why it's called Around My Kitchen Table but I seem to recall many, many moons ago that the original premise for these inane witterings was relating conversations I had with various friends and family around my kitchen table.

Since then, egomaniac that I am, other people's comments and opinions have faded away and my own have come to the fore. And lazy egomaniac that I am, I have never bothered to change the title.

So, here's a blog called Around My Kitchen Table with not a kitchen table in sight - except for the one at the top of this page which features spilt tea, which is oddly appropriate as in addition to being a lazy egomaniac, I am also a messy lazy egomaniac.

If you comment and leave a link, I will return the favour if  can find a window in my busy schedule [of reading books, drinking coffee and swiping through Instagram] - unless you come across as a deranged psychopath in which case I may quietly delete your comment and hope you don't notice. That's not to say I necessarily think you're a deranged psychopath if I fail to respond; it probably means I intended to but never got around to it - because I am a procrastinating messy lazy egomaniac. I'm not sure if that list should have commas or not - and these things worry me because I am a pedantic procrastinating messy lazy egomaniac

Please be kind in your comments (unless you're that deranged psychopath, in which case being kind might be asking too much) because I really believe in the tag line of this blog - THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS: BE NICE AND HAVE A LAUGH. If you believe that too, we'll get along just fine.

Before you leave:

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  1. I've always envisioned these amusing posts as enjoyable and entertaining chatter over tea. :D