X is for Xantippe

A to Z Challenge

Xantippe was the wife of Greek philosopher Socrates and mother of their three sons. She has been portrayed through history as scolding, quarrelsome, nagging and irritable.

She lived with four males so what else did you expect of the poor bloody woman? I expect she was picking up socks and damp towels all day long, the combined smell from four farting men turning her normally sanguine personality incandescent with rage.

But Socrates said he chose her precisely because of her argumentative spirit, which impressed me, although he did go on to spoil it a bit when he added that, she was "the hardest to get along with of all the women there are, "  so he reckoned  if he could get along with her, he could get on with anyone.

He also said, rather ungallantly: "The goose is tolerated because it lays eggs and hatches young ones; so also must it be with his wife, for she bore him children."

There are lots of stories of Xantippe's rages and jealous nature. In one she stamped on a large and beautiful cake sent to Socrates by one Alcibiades.  I had to look up Alcibiades, expecting to find a   description of some trollop who ought to know better - and was more than a little surprised to find Alcibiades was a man.

In another it is said she became so angry with her husband that she poured the contents of a chamber pot over his head. Socrates was "philosophical" about the incident, saying: “After thunder comes the rain.” Ho, ho, ho.

If that was the quality of his "jokes", then I'm not surprised that Xantippe comes over as a little pissed off.

Personally, I like the sound of her. However, I may get a little cross with the dearly beloved occasionally but I have never yet poured wee over his head.

  • That's X done, only two more to go in the A to Z Challenge. How are you all finding it? I was fine until these last few days when I have been working full-time at my former workplace as well as honouring my freelance commitments. Time is running away with me but I have just about managed to keep up. Nearly there! I haven't visited as many blogs as I would like. There are so many now that I really enjoy reading, but I'll soon be back.
I have two blogs in the A to Z Challenge - I'm a glutton for punishment. The other one is called That's Purrfect.


  1. Very interesting, I had never heard of her.

  2. I've been looking forward to everyone's x, as it's the one I've been dreading most. I enjoyed this a lot! Two days to go, hoping to go out on a high.

  3. LOL! You're right! Living with 4 men would make any woman scrappy!!!

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  4. I knew the name but didn't know anything about her. Wiser to get your posts done in advance if you can so that you only have to worry about visiting when the time comes. Of course, you are a glutton for punishment even if Carlton does write his own blog!!!!

  5. Oh she seems like a spitfire but I think I would have killed her if she threw a chamber pot over me.