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Who you looking at?

I HAVE a cat. Look at her picture. How bloody annoyed is she? She has perfected that "you're an idiot" stare during  years of living with the dearly beloved and me.

There is a long list of things which annoy her from flies and spiders to overt displays of affection. She won't do anything you want her to. She won't sit where you put her but insists on trapping the DB by lying across his legs when he's stretched out on the sofa or me by sitting with her bum on the arm of the chair and her torso on my arm. She clings on, digging her claws in if I dare to move a millimetre.

She doesn't lie neatly on the edge of the bed. The DB and I aren't by any stretch of the imagination petite but she still manages to take up three-quarters of the bed whenever she wants to, leaving us crunched up in imminent danger of falling to the floor.

She hates visitors with a passion. Here is a picture of Miss Grumpy on a day we had visitors. We had a houseful of people that day and she spent the whole time sitting on the windowsill glaring and swiping at anyone who came within a foot of her.  Miss Grumpy, though, is not her name. Ironically she is called something very sweet, Toffee - her name when we got her.

Miss Grumpy sits on the windowsill glaring at one of my lovely visitors. 

Her predecessor was a laid-back ginger moggie called Carlsberg. We were struggling to find a suitable name when the DB spotted a can of Carlsberg lager and he was Carlsberg for ever more. He died at the age of 18 - gone but never forgotten.

Naming pets can be as tricky as naming babies. You want to get it right. I have a friend whose cat is called Cindy Clawford.  I also know a couple who named their two cats Brad Kit and Angelina Pawlie.

So if you're a fan of  celebrities how about Cat Winslet or Cat Damon? Then there's Marilyn Meow, Catsy Kline, Daniel Day-Mewis, Jude Paw, Pawdry Hepburn or Meowly Cyrus. Here are a few other names that made me laugh -  Ms Demeanour, Bob Scratchit, Margaret Scratcher and Pablo Picatso.

It's too late now to give Toffee a new name but, you never know, she might grow into it one day.

Do any of your pets have unusual names?

  • I have another blog in the A to Z Challenge, That's Purrfect. That's about cats too. Obsessed? Me? 

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  1. I named Luna for her big yellow eyes and I still miss the fifteen-year-old. Tilly came with that moniker from the Humane Society and the big goof is frequently called Silly Tilly Willy. ~grin~ Our third girl's name, however, went through different permutations before we settled appropriately upon the Baal worshipping 9th century Phoenician princess Jezebel.
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    Have a great day!

  2. That second Miss Grumpy image just cracked me up. Boy, you caught that one perfectly!

  3. Names are important. Lucy is for Lucille Ball and she is a diva. Jade is named after my niece and Jade is our lover cat. Mia ...we didn't name her...she came to us fat and a bit psychotic...maybe she should be cLled Joan Catford.. Naddie was Maddie aft my hubby's niece but Maddie turned out to be a boy so Naddie it is. He whines and whines so the name suits him. Our last cat is Kasparov...the disaster! Loveable but if you don't pay attention to him he decides to redecorate

  4. Pablo Picatso - love it! Miss Grumpy sounds like one gorgeous and mean siamese we called Granny Cat, who lived in the barn with the rooster. I already had two cats and five dogs so it didn't matter if Granny chose to pretend we didn't exist. Then one day she came to the door missing half of her face (snake bite). We fixed her right up and nursed her back to health and she remained a (grumpy) house cat after that :-)

  5. Here via the A-Z Blog Challenge and delighted to find another person who likes unusual names for their cats. My current cat is Angus but the one before - and still much missed - was Cadillac.

  6. You will have seen me bang on about my beloved cat David Bowie. I nearly got his brother too after he struggled to find a home, and he was going to be called Iggy Pop. Bowie's sister lives with my old housemate and is called Hunter, but I think the extent of her hunting stretches to nail files and hair bands.

  7. There is a cat named George Clooney that blogs :) I would risk a swat to pet this cutie.

  8. Our dog is named Coco and our previous dog was Cleo. My family says I have a thing for "o" names. They might be right.

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  9. Cat names I'ved used: Pudd, Spike, Onyx, Jynx, Knuckles(a brute of a cat), Tigger, Pew.
    Dog names I'ved used: Sheba, Rex, Candy(Candace), Angell, Astra, Raven, Duke

    A cat I fostered ended up with the name Babbet Dubois.

    I don't think I've ever had a cat that hasn't had that "you're an idiot" look. It's given me a complex. That's why I currently have one Black Lab that looks at me as if I'm the center of her universe. I love cats...they're warm and cuddly (mostly), but dogs are awesome in their own way.
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