Do It "Dreckly"

Unless you're from the west of the England, you have probably never come across the word "dreckly". It's a great word and we use it all the time here.

It's short for "directly" as in, "I'll do it directly," or "I might get round to it sometime if I'm in the mood and can be bothered," or "This is so far into the future that I'm not going to think about it now." But sometimes it just means "later" and the promised event turns up a while later, it might be in an hour's time or it could be six months. You never quite know what you're going to get with "dreckly"!

It's similar to the word "manana" but not nearly so urgent.

My mother used this word a lot. Whenever you asked a question like, "When are we going to the seaside?" the answer was always, "Dreckly." Or it might be something like, "When will I be allowed to go shopping on my own?" Dreckly. "Can I  have a new toy?" Dreckly. "When will I be old enough that you stop spitting on your hankie and rubbing my face?" Dreckly.

It's symptomatic of a fairly laid-back way of life. Things will happen in their own good time and there's no point in worrying.

There, that's this post finished. I hope you all read it but if you don't have time now, try to get round to it dreckly.

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  1. I remember hearing 'dreckly' in a house where I'd go to play after school and when I asked, the child I was playing with told me it meant 'soon'.
    It wasn't a very common word.

  2. Thank you for the laugh. I'm reminded of a great Arctic Monkeys song which prompted me to look up what 'sommit' meant. You may know it's a way of saying 'something'.