Camera Phone Cat Snaps

You call it medicine, I call it a gross invasion of privacy.

I’m looking for a new phone. I don’t require much from a phone - I’m not a teenager with one welded to my hand, living my whole life in cyberspace. I’m a grumpy old woman who wants to phone firms to harangue them for their laxity of service and to send sarcastic messages to my friends and family. That’s all.

A good camera would be nice. My current phone takes pictures but by the time I've got on to the right programme and clicked all the right buttons it’s another time of day. Sometimes the subject matter has emigrated to Australia or grown into an adult before I can select the right button.

The other day, though, I actually managed to take a good photo. The cat was ill. To spare her blushes, I won’t tell you her symptoms. Suffice it to say the cure involved liquid paraffin and an indoor litterbox.

The better half helped me administer the medicine which was quite a success... for after wrapping her in a towel, I only had three deep scratches and a tetanus jab to show for it. He then went to work.

A couple of hours later, she had used her litterbox. I was so pleased I phoned the other half to tell him.

“Do you want me to take a picture to send you?” I asked excitedly.

A big sigh wafted across the airwaves. “No, you’re all right,” he replied drily.

I took one anyway and despite its pin sharpness, depth of colour and novel theme, I don’t think it’s going to win any photographic awards.

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  1. Your poor kitty looks miserable! Glad she got her meds and will be on the mend soon.

    I can't take good photos with my phone. Half the time I end up turning off the phone instead of snapping the lens and the other half I end up with blurry shots.

  2. I don't even try giving medication to cats. That's what the very handy, just around the corner, Vet is for.

  3. Great shot of one miserable kitty. I'd rather give in enema to a range bull that medicate a cat. You are brave.

  4. So glad the kitty is better! Good job. And thank you for the kind word about my eyeglasses. Also, doing housework in short bursts is a good idea. That reminds me, I should probably do laundry. I actually like how that forces me to move around, even if I'd rather keep writing instead of be interrupted. Heh... Be well!

  5. I sure hope your kitty is feeling better! I have an ordinary iPhone 8 (not the 8 Plus) and the camera is fine, I just edit my photos in after I take them on my phone

  6. Oh poor baby....I sure hope that kitty is feeling better now. As of yet I have only had to give my Lily Bit meds once and she was only 3 months old. Doc put the meds in a syrine for me so it made it a lot easier than I figure it could have been.