Procrastination is a bad title for a posting if you want to attract a lot of visitors to your website.

To get your site high up on the Google rankings, you have to employ Search Engine Optimisation. There are many things that can push your website up the rankings, including using "key words" on your site i.e. words people will use in the search feature.

So one blogger tried an experiment by using words like "pussies" and "tits" in her post and title and had had many more visitors than usual. She did, to be fair, include a picture of her cat and two beautiful blue tits, which I'm sure was a powerful comfort to watery-eyed men using Google Search to try to find a pneumatic lass with whom to share their oh so lonely nights.

But I'm going to leave "procrastination" as my title because, well, wittering on about blue tits stops me from having to write about what I really intended to write about which was…. what was it? ….. procrastination.

I am an arch procrastinator. Faced with a kitchen which will require an industrial-strength vacuum and a couple gallons of bleach to clear up the detritus of last night's supper, I turn on my computer and start looking surfing the net (do people still use that phrase?).

However, if I think it's about time I tried to dredge up another oh-so-witty posting (no comments required, dear readers) from the liquefied gloop that passes for my brain these days, I start wiping down worktops and decluttering dark corners of my house, of which there are many (dark corners, that is, not houses. I'm not the Sultan of Brunei). 

Anyhoo, it's time I turned my hand to the housework but I've just spotted an article entitled How To Stop Procrastinating In Eight Easy Steps. If I find anything useful I'll let you know.

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  1. Procrastinate is just an easier way of saying you like to work things out in the back of your mind before you acting. That's my cover story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. I have a feeling that Toffee is going to make you pay for that comment. :)

  3. I think I read someplace that when a writer has a clean house, they have a book to edit. We will do anything but what we should be doing.

  4. "industrial strength vacuum and a couple of gallons of bleach"
    I want to know what on earth you had for dinner!

  5. That's hilarious experiment! Or is it sad? ~shrugs~ I prefer to laugh. Thanks for sharing your sense of humor.