Insta Icons

Before (right)  and after (left). I personally prefer the 'before'.

A quick look through Instagram and you may get the impression that the vast majority of people are fabulously flawless, living spectacular lives in their impressive homes. You may, as you sit there in your tatty cardy with hair that looks as if it's been chewed by rats, feel you have been judged and found sadly lacking.

The truth, of course, is that many of these Insta icons have been filtered, air-brushed, photo-shopped and painted to within an inch of their lives. 

I came across a website showing some before and after pictures. It must be my age because to my eyes, a lot of them looked better in the before pics - not least because many are appallingly inept at photo editing.

Don't believe me? Look at this one:

'Oo, my backside looks nice and pert in this picture. No one will ever know it's been photoshopped.' Oh no? Look at the background, girl - was there an earthquake in progress measuring 7 on the Richter Scale?

Some look as if they've had a nasty accident with a power tool which has whittled away vital parts of their anatomy.

Still, I can console myself with the thought that I am at least half way to being an Insta icon. I may not have a petite waist but I do have a humongous arse.

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  1. Uh, where do the organs go? Mercy what monstrosities.

  2. Those last two are scary. It reminds me of a graphic arts class I covered where they were learning Photoshop. They deliberately made the images grotesque: huge eyes, ears, etc. That was the assignment.

  3. The swimsuit pics had my jaw dropping open. How can they believe that anyone at all would believe they actually look like that?

  4. I've heard that corseting was a thing to mold a thin waist, but that is ridiculous.

  5. Well, my geriatric cat just walked across my keyboard to express her opinion. "Just be yourselves, silly humans." Heh...