Chill Out With Caine

You WILL buy my album.

Idly looking for some music on the internet, I happened across a very old album by Michael Caine. Very fine actor though he is, I wasn't aware that he was known for his vocal range.

Then I realised he wasn't actually singing on this album. He wasn't even making a pretence of singing by moving his lips in the back row of the chorus. All he was doing was compiling a few "chill-out" songs.

One report I read had this wonderful quote: "It wasn't until he wowed Elton John with his knowledge of downtempo ambient music that he realised he was a chill-out expert. Downtempo ambient music! Chill-out expert! 

Sir Michael was having dinner with Sir Elton in the South of France when, like Saul on the road to Damascus, he was struck by a blinding light of inspiration. Sir Mike's revelation on the road to St Tropez saw Michael The Mummer suddenly became Michael The Mixmaster.

So if you are desperate for some chill-out time, this album is called Cained. Not a lot of people know that.

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  1. I, uh, am glad to know this? I mean, at least he didn't try singing. Too many actors have tried that to terrible results. Is this an older album? Because nowadays he could just make a playlist and post it to Spotify.