A Day of Cleaning House

Cleaning isn't my favourite occupation. I always feel like Cinderella as I get out the scrubbing brush. Yesterday I decided to buckle down to it and blitz the house. But...the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

This is how it went: 

1. Made a list. Included everything I intended to do, from wash the kitchen floor to sort through pile of magazines in the guest bedroom. 

2. Read list while drinking a cup of coffee and eating a chocolate biscuit. 

3. Piled dishes into dishwasher, piled clothes into washing-machine. 

4. Felt slightly virtuous. Could at least now see my kitchen worktops. 

5. Hoovered sitting-room. Kept one eye on lovely, soft sofa. Had a brief sit-down to see if it was as comfortable as I remembered. It was.

6. Thought I'd catch up on the news on TV but got waylaid by an old episode of Undercover Boss.  Woke up just as the final credits were playing.

7. Drank another cup of coffee hoping the caffeine would keep me awake. 

8. Made bed. Spotted Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell, on bedside table. Just had to find out whether Dr Kay Scarpetta could solve the mystery of the bloody fingerprints. An hour later I know who did what to whom and why. 

9. Removed clothes from washing-machine, piled in another load of clothes picked up from bedroom floor. Could at least now see carpet. 

10. It was noon. A bit early for lunch, but what the heck. My reasoning was that an early lunch would leave me a long afternoon in which I could get lots done. 

11. Made cheese on toast with tomato. Ate lunch while watching television. Still felt peckish. Found half a packet of ginger nuts. Intended to eat only one. 

12. Threw away empty ginger nut packet. 

13. Finish watching old black and white film on television. 

14. Decided to tackle pile of magazines in guest bedroom. Had forgotten what fascinating articles are in magazines. Now know that garlic is good for colds and that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing (how OLD are these magazines!)  I know how to minimise my wrinkles; why grey is the new black; who’s who in the Size-OO modelling world; and everyone’s views on whether Madonna has had too much plastic surgery. I also know the signs that show my man is cheating. (He'd better be looking for the signs of demented woman with rusty razorblade in hand if he is). 

15. Heard front door opening. Leapt to feet and started feverishly sorting through pile of magazines. 

16. My dearly beloved poked head around bedroom door. “You’re busy!” he said. Rubbed back of hand along forehead and sighed deeply. “I should say, but if it’s got to be done, it’s got to be done,” I replied, and smiled sweetly. 

17. Dearly beloved suggested going out for a pub dinner as we had both been working so hard all day… 

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  1. It sounds like you actually got a lot done. Not as much as you intended, of course, but you started stuff. That's actually good, in my opinion.

  2. This reminds me of the big plans I had to work in the yard. lol