Teenagers And Phones

Photo posed by model. I haven't yet stooped to humiliating young people in public!

I'm in a right 'grumpy old woman' mood today (no change there, I hear you say).

A neighbour called in for a brief visit yesterday to tell me about a local issue. She had sulky teenage daughter in tow. Teenage daughter spent the whole visit glued to her mobile phone from which issued bleeps, boops and buzzes interspersed by sighs and giggles as she played games and interacted with her friends.

The only words she spoke were in reply to my query of whether she wanted a drink. Without breaking eye contact with the phone she mumbled, "No, yer alright," which I took to mean she would not be requiring any form of beverage and was not a comment on my character.

I don't blame her. Her parents have never taught her how to act in someone else's home. The stupid thing is that had she asked if I minded if she played on her phone I would have said, "Not at all. Carry on," because she would have been bored to tears listening to the grown ups.

Life was simpler when I was a child. No fancy gadgets or flashy gizmos to complicate matters. We used to enjoy life without the constant distraction of screens and beeping notifications. 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is glued to their smartphones, mindlessly scrolling through virtual nonsense. I hope these young people have some real conversations, face-to-face, where they actually read someone's expressions and hear the nuances in their voice. That way they can be present, engaged, and truly connected.

If you think, I'm grumpy, look at this: 

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  1. No, the teens will be on their phones when with peers. I had a student in the last period who would not get off his phone (and I tried). I hope he was caught up with his work is all I can say.

  2. I've heard that the big tech higher ups don't let their kids have smart phones. Those rich bastards know the damage such an addiction can cause: depression, anxiety; not to mention health issues. We weren't meant to stare down at a tiny screen and tap on it all day and night with our thumbs. ~steps off soapbox~ Be well, my dear.