A Night Out With The Girls

I WAS out last night with a few of the girls.
Big mistake. Big, big mistake.
I'm partial to the occasional whisky or red wine with my steak and chips but on the whole I'm not a big drinker.
However, I am sometimes - sorry to make you men jealous - led astray by wild women.
This is how it goes.
We enter a pub and there's a mad scramble to find a table to sit around. We have to sit down. There's not one of us wearing a pair of shoes you can stand up in for longer than it takes a puddle of blood to seep out of a blister. If, Pompeii-wise, we are preserved in a layer of lava, historians a few centuries down the line will be wondering about the strange social custom that's placed bare-footed women sitting around tables with, underneath, various shoes with vertiginous heels.
We start off sober and restrained, discussing work and family. But after a couple of drinks, we fix our gimlet eyes on the other drinkers. We wonder if the couple in the corner are married or having an affair. Definitely an affair, he's actually listening to what she has to say, that's when he can tear his eyes away from her cleavage.
We agree that the 50-something woman perched on the bar stool has had some very dodgy plastic surgery. Those lips are so collagen-enhanced that if you threw her at a wall, she'd stick there.
"Nice dress," comments one of us. "Shame they didn't have it in her size."
"Look, a lurex top! I thought they went out in the 70s."
"Lurex, isn't that a contraceptive?"
"Definitely is in her case."
As the drinks begin to flow more copiously, we get louder. The men in the bar send nervous glances in our direction, worried that they are going to get separated from the herd and we are going to pounce and tear their sensible woollen cardigans off with our teeth.
If only they could hear us.
"He's definitely gay. He obviously moisturises and waxes. Back and crack." We nod in agreement.
"God, she's going to dump him tonight. Look at that body language. His says 'walk all over me in your pink stilettos' and her says 'let me walk all over you in my pink stilettos until there isn't a drop of blood left in your body, you creep'."
"What a sleaze ball he is. Italian? Possibly, judging by those disco-style clothes and the black greased hair."
"Oh look. Who knitted his jumper? His mother? She must have found some old knitting patterns from the 1950s in the back of cupboard."
Then it's on to stage two. We start arguing about who is the sexiest..... Homer Simpson or Fred Flintstone. One of us falls of her chair while trying to put her shoes back on so she can hobble to the bar for another round.
Stage three and those men who have been eyeing us so nervously have had enough to drink and suffered enough set-backs from nubile jail-bait that we start to look like Sophia Loren's younger, prettier sisters.
They drift towards us. They buy us drinks. We flirt. We engage in sparkling repartee. They suggest we all go to a club. We suddenly remember we are a load of sad, middle-aged prats with loving husbands/partners at home.
So it's on with the shoes and a quick call for a taxi.
I woke up this morning to find a trail of clothes leading from the hall to the bedroom.
I think I will be OK.... as long as I can get a complete blood transfusion in the next couple of hours.


  1. YOUR night out? You've strayed into one of mine. It's all so true. So, so awfully true. I have often been that woman with the killer heels falling off her chair. Keep up the good work Mrs Table. I love your blog.

  2. I suppose you could try a bridge evening next time, but a "bring-your-own-vibrator" party might be more interesting.