The Future Me

I CAN'T help it if I'm gearing up to be one of those woman who die alone and is eaten by her cats. I like cats. In fact, I like cats better than I like a lot of people. 

Not that I'm yet wandering the streets with half a dozen cats in a pram talking to myself and swearing at random passers-by - no matter how tempting that sounds. 

And I'm not one of those women who lives in a house with 56 cats, all pooping where they please. I live with a normal-ish man and just one cat. None of us poops where we shouldn't. Not even after a night on the beer (that's the man, not me or the cat). 

But I found the picture below on the internet and I fear this is how I'm going to end up - aggressive, friendless, toothless, badly-dressed (have already achieved that one) and living with my cats. Can't wait.

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  1. I share your admiration of cats, Mrs Table. We should get together and have a cat-stroking orgy. (Note how I resisted the temptation to write "pussy-stroking orgy - I hope you'll gave me credit for that!)

  2. I commend you for your restraint, Mr GB.

  3. Future? This is me right now!!!!!!! Denise. XXDX