K is for Knifeball

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IMAGINE if you will a child's rubber ball with a knife taped to it. Imagine a children's party in the park with several children with several rubber balls with several knives. Hours of fun.

This is an idea for a children's game in the book Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice by Avery Monsen and Jory John.  Of course, the book isn't really for children. No one is seriously advocating arming up your little 'uns and sending them out to play. In fact, if you are a parent I would advise not letting your children within a 100 yards of this book.

I was once the proud owner of Knifeball, a birthday gift from one of my madder friends. It made me laugh at the time but I don't know where it is now, I probably taped it to a rocket and sent it skyward. Seems fitting.

It's a book of rhymes and I couldn't remember any of them - I'm of an age when I can hardly remember my own name, let alone dredge my memory for some lines I read 20 years ago - so I have searched the internet to bring you a few examples of the book.

This one struck a chord:

A is for Apple
eat one every day
And then wash it down
With your mom's cabernet.

Then there was:

D is for Drifter
Who's out on your lawn
Bring him inside when
Your parents are  gone

And the wise advice:

P is for push when you're waiting in line.
Do you want to move forward?
Just aim for the spine.

I think this is my favourite as it brings back memories of my childhood with my mother's dire warnings about looking at the sun ringing in my ears.

S stands for sun that shines bright every day.
How long can you stare at it?
Don't look away.

Do you have any mad advice for children or adults?

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  1. OMG - I have to have this book! LOL

    The autos wizz by
    so play with your mates
    in the traffic, it's fun
    but more fun on skates.