L is for List (Bucket)

I'm a list person, I can't do anything until I  have a made a list, but today I'm not talking about my "to do" list, my Christmas card list, people who have pissed me off list (now running into four pages) or my symptoms that have started to materialise as I get older list (five pages).

My bucket list doesn't include life-enhancing projects like sky-diving, visiting the Taj Mahal, climbing Mount Everest or wangling a snog with George Clooney. No, mine is down-to-earth and altogether more achievable.
My bucket list includes one word: bucket. Yes, my old one has sprung a leak and I need to get to a DIY store and buy a new one "toot sweet".
What do you reckon? Workmanlike black or a racy red? Do I need one of those little mop-squeezer  appendages  or shall I go minimalist? Do I want one with a lid or au naturel? Should it be made of rubber, plastic, aluminium or a fancy-pantzy one of bronze like they used for ceremonies in days gone by? No, of course not, I'm getting carried away.
Should I go for the lazy option and get one with wheels? Ooo, how about one with two handles - one for carrying and one for pushing along?
 I might even get two - one for everyday and one for best.
So, must go. I have a lot of research to do on the internet. Do you think there are bucket forums?

I have another blog called That's Purrfect. I would love you to visit.

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  1. Your bucket list sounds more relevant to someone like me. I would love the opportunity to travel more, but I have never had the interest in doing daring things, like sky diving. I would rather keep my feet firmly on the ground and go on a scenic life.

  2. You should go for the two-sided bucket.

    And what is a "snog" with old George Clooney anyways?

    I've got my thrift shop bucket list - items I am always in search of.


  3. Ah, Tami, "snog" means a session of kissing. I wondered as I was typing it whether other countries used the term but I thought, what the heck, and used it anyway!

  4. I would not be surprised if there were such a forum. ~grin~ Cute post.
    Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
    Happy blogging!

  5. I love lists too. That is a different kind of bucket list :)