Lipstick Optional

The Indigo Girls

WATCHING the wonderful Indigo Girls at the Cambridge Folk Festival, it came to me in a flash; stylistically, I am a lesbian. The evidence - hefty thighs encased in denim, flat boots, flyaway hair with no discernible style and a flannel shirt that could have come from a charity shop.

I am a friend of Dorothy from top to toe.

OK, so I have no desire to fondle a woman but when it comes to fashion I am definitely no man's arm candy and I'm not a cougar on the prowl chasing down her young prey in a short skirt, low top and thigh boots. If I approached my "prey" wearing that, he would leave Usain Bolt eating his dust.

The thought of wearing stilettos make my feet break out in a rash. I haven't got a figure for clothes to hug and I'm too frumpy for fashion. When it comes to clothes I'm more DJ Pat Pat than Portia de Rossi.

DJ Pat Pat

Portia de Rossi

I know I am doing many gay women a disservice and am guilty of woeful generalisation. I fully accept there are lesbians who are the height of chic. Take a look here for some extraordinarily beautiful gay celebs.

But I admire any woman who really doesn't give a damn when it comes to pleasing anyone but herself. I can get on board with that, straight or gay.

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  1. I lean towards the DJ pat Pat style too. It's easy, comfortable and I don't care what others think.

  2. I thought Velcro was their thing, Mrs Table. But we also should be mindful of the butch-femme dichotomy.

  3. Hee hee! That made me laugh. Having gone gracefully grey over the past year, I'm finding that a lesbian haircut my the best bet when trying to avoid looking like my grandma/most of the older ladies round here. Other than that I'm a cross between DJ Pat Pat and your average sloppy dog walker.