In Which I Attempt To Become A Domestic Goddess And Fail Miserably a desperate attempt to become a domestic goddess I decided to make scones for the first time in my life. 

I found a BBC recipe that looked really easy. Not wanting to take my laptop to the kitchen, I scribbled out the recipe on a piece of paper. In retrospect, I should have used my best Chawleigh Primary School handwriting rather than writing it so fast that it looked like it had been done by a four-year-old wearing boxing gloves. 

All went swimmingly and half way through cooking they looked lovely. They had started to rise and were turning a lovely golden brown. Then it dawned on me - I had forgotten to put any sugar in them. There followed a desperate scramble to get them out of the oven and try to press some sugar in them with a fork. I sprinkled some sugar over the top and put them back in the oven.

They are now looking like a train wreck on my kitchen counter.

I refuse to waste them. I shall sandwich them with butter and jam and put them in The Man's lunchbox. If he complains about them, I shall blame Tesco. 

You don't get older without getting wiser.

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  1. They look like you put sultanas or currants in them, so maybe the lack of sugar wouldn't have been noticed, but the butter and jam will definitely sweeten things up. I think you did very well on your first scone run.

  2. This sounds like something I would do. Back in my twenties I ran low on vegetable oil to mix up brownies from a box. So I used olive oil. ~shakes head~ I hope they turn out better than expected!

  3. As the cockney gangster said to the man who was making his tea, "No sugar, I'm sweet enough already."