I'm Surveying The Situation

I think I must be caught up in some strange "cookie" world. I don't mean those rather nice sweet things we Brits call biscuits but those nefarious internet things that ensure I keep seeing adverts for weight loss products and wrinkle creams. I can cope with those by convincing myself they must have got me muddled up with someone else much older and fatter. Yes, that would be it...

But I also get links to lots of surveys. I'm not sure why. Maybe if I ignored them they wouldn't keep appearing but I can't resist seeing what piece of daft research has been occupying the best brains in society.

Ninety-nine per cent of them tell you something you already knew or something so obscure that you pray to get the five minutes of life back that you wasted on reading them. This week the ones that have been appearing have been mind-blowingly inconsequential.

First, there was the astonishing news that rock stars, on average, die younger than, say, chartered surveyors. You don't say.

Then I had one that told me that people tend to put on weight while on holiday. Really? And there was me under the impression that copious amounts of sangria or tequila slammers washing down five course dinners after a day spark out on the beach was slimming.

Then there was one that has discovered that if you feed kids crap, they'll feel like shit. Shovel vast quantities of additive-filled sugary or salty snacks into their ever-open little gobs, and they are going to behave badly.Well, I'll go the foot of our stairs. There's a surprise.

What I want to know is how much someone was paid to find out these blindingly obvious facts. They could have saved their money and come and asked me.

I'm going to write to Oxford University and suggest they set up a Stating The Bleeding Obvious research chair for me. I can envisage my day's work. Start at 9am with a brainstorming session with three comatose students.

"Well, guys and gals, what shall we research this week?"

"Duh, dunno."

"Thank you for that input, Wayne. Anyone else?"

"How 'bout finding out wevah if you drive blindfolded, right, you have, right, y'know, more accidents or sumfink?"

"Good idea, Chardonnay, but Cambridge University has already done that one."

Alfaromeo wipes the sleep from his eyes and pipes up: "Hey, I have a wizard idea. Let's find out, OK?, if you lie in the sun in Barbados, OK?, you get a tan quicker than if you, like, lie in the sun in Alaska in the winter. Yah?"

"Brilliant, Alf. You and I can do our research in Barbados for three months and Wayne and Chardonnay can hop over to Alaska."

Now that's sorted, I must go out and buy a new swimming cozzie in "large". I've heard you can put on weight while you're on holiday.

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  1. This is why I clear out my cookies from time to time. You can go into Settings on your browser, or you can get something like CCleaner (I use the free version) and have it wipe them from your drive periodically. Daily, if you really want to confuse the bots.

  2. I was also going to suggest like Liz, going to settings, scroll down look for "advanced" then "Clear browsing data"

    Those obvious surveys drive me nuts also!

  3. It's Barbados, land of tropical fruit and roadside barbecues, better buy extra large.
    I HATE those surveys that say 'this will only take 5-10 minutes' and then after each "agree-disagree" point they pop up a window asking you WHY you chose what you ticked. This makes any 5 minute survey at least five times longer, so now I just don't do them.

    1. I need extra large at the best of times!! I hate surveys too but I suppose firms and organisations must find them useful.

  4. You crack me up. ~grin~ Is that "foot of the stairs" comment something like what I hear across the pond: "Well, shut the door."? Of course, I've also heard "Well, sh!t the bed." Heh... Be well!

  5. It’s time to clear out your cookies, you can go into Settings on your browser, or you can get some software to clean up from your drive periodically. I just hate those surveys and sometimes it bugs me is this survey really useful or am I simply wasting my time. Enjoy!!! We have only one LIFE.

  6. And, they DO do ridiculous studies. And get paid for them!!!! ???????????????

    Stay well,
    Stay safe,
    Stay calm.