Locked Down

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We here in the UK are on "lockdown" at the moment, which means we can't go out except for essential tasks like shopping for basic necessities, a medical need and one form of exercise a day like walking, running or cycling. Everyone has been told to work from home if at all possible. Only people in essential occupations are allowed to go to work. Pubs, clubs, gyms etc have all closed.

As a consequence many people are stuck at home with kids and partners. These people they love but suddenly feel like throttling on a regular basis! 

The better half and I are muddling along quite happily. He's got a workshop so works there most days all on his own. But I get the impression from some of my friends that all is not well in paradise!  

Here's a video that is very British and is from 2010 so some of the issues are a bit obscure - but I think it's still relevant for everyone from all countries whose partner is driving them mad at the moment! For my non-British readers, Pam Ayres writes humorous poems and is something of a national treasure in the UK.

To all my readers, stay safe and stay strong. If you are ill, please get well soon. We will get through this.

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  1. I've never heard of Pam Ayres before but I sure did enjoy that video, made me laugh out loud a number of times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love that video of Pam Ayres. She is one funny lady and pretty much what she says would fit today comfortably. Thanks for the giggles.

  3. I saw a great meme the other day that encapsulates that sentiment. "8 days into our family lockdown and I'm starting to question whether the Donner party was even hungry." Very gross, but also kinda apropos.

  4. Pam Ayres certainly made me laugh, she's an excellent comedienne and not a single swear word used :)

    1. She is very funny and can certainly make people laugh without using any bad language!

  5. What a treasure she is! Thank you for sharing. And please stay safe, sane, sheltered, and supplied.

  6. Love the *insect*!!!!

    Must listen to your link, but not now, as the Resident Chef is in the process of cooking supper. And he does not like to have to "let his food get cold." -smile- Being lucky enough to have a Resident Chef, I don't want to rile his feathers.

    So happy to have come across your blog!!! Especially at this horrid time! We all need as much (is it???) tongue-in-cheek, as we can find!

    On topic, happily we are long retired "Old Codgers" and usual stay-at-home folks. So this Isolation is not all that bad. He has his work shop to disappear in. And I can read, play with my Blog Look, peek at some IG, etc. Same old, same old, actually.

    Yes, we are among the very vulnerable, but happily, our Dear Daughter in Law next door, gets anything we really need. Our prescriptions, come from our local drug store, in the mail. Both she and I prepared, ahead of time. (Didn't some people *notice* what was coming?) And she has found lovely area places, which deliver! Or grocery stores which can be picked up outside. And she picks up.

    We are beyond lucky and we appreciate it.

    Again, happy to have found you!!!!!!

    Stay well,
    Stay safe,
    Stay calm.

  7. I hope you are well! Your blog posts are missed. :)