Fishing For Compliments

I'm always envious of those women whose husbands love to cook.  For our first few years together I would have been doubtful whether the better half even knew where our kitchen was if he hadn't actually made it and fitted it himself.

When I worked full-time I would have loved nothing better than to have arrived home to the aroma of a boeuf bourguignon simmering gently in the oven while he got out the blow torch in preparation for caramelising a crème brûlée.

No such luck. He was more likely to have been using a blow torch to solder a leaky pipe in the loo than for any culinary creation. For the better half is the man who whenever we go out for a meal studies the menu for an age and invariably picks soup, steak, and apple pie. 

Other dining companions may ask knowledgeably whether the mushroom medley includes chanterelles and shiitakes or whether the ceviche has been marinated in lime or lemon juice. The better half’s most burning question is always: "What’s the soup of the day?"

But then, just when I had resigned myself to being the sole provider of meals, one glorious day he decided he was going to cook. And what culinary delight did he cook up? Astonishingly it was fish in batter – made from scratch with fresh fish and batter he’d made himself. It was really lovely. A while later he added spaghetti bolognese to his repertoire. Also delicious. Sadly, since then his culinary inspiration has withered and died like a chip left floating in the deep-fat fryer.

Still, most weeks I do get a meal created by this culinary master. And the fish and chips now often come not just with peas but with a salad too and even a slice of lemon.

Be thankful for small mercies. 

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  1. You could probably get him to barbq. Us guys love fire!

  2. Very nice. Perhaps if you compliment him enough on his cooking prowess, he might be convinced to try some new dishes ;)

  3. I would have loved having a spouse who cooked. Fortunately he loved going out to eat because he recognized the odd hours he kept made it hard to plan meals at home. That fish looks great!

  4. Fish'n'Chips from scratch! Well done. I had a spouse who once tried to make pancakes. When I walked into the kitchen he had ten eggs cracked into a bowl and wanted to know what came next. TEN eggs!

  5. Glad he cooks sometimes. I hope Toffee gets some. :)