Oh Happy Hydrangea!

My lovely neighbour, who is a brilliant gardener, has created a beautiful English country garden out of nothing. There is colour all year round, a fishpond and a vegetable plot. 

There are arches with plants crawling around them and little paths leading to yet more horticultural delights. It has everything I aspire to have. I look across to her garden with envy. 

She must look across at mine and wonder if a localised hurricane returns every evening. She's too kind to mention it and instead leaves runner beans and courgettes on my doorstep. 

So I was quite pathetically delighted when today she told me she envied my hydrangea. Let me repeat that:  SHE ENVIED MY HYDRANGEA! 

I've been walking around on cloud nine all day! (I know...some people are easily pleased!)

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  1. That is a happy day when someone who you admire admires you back. And your Hydrangea IS wonderful!

  2. Our hydrangea is doing well this year with all the rain, they do crave water.

  3. It is a gorgeous specimen. Mine have bare branches with a leaf here and there, a bud or two waiting for spring. I'd love a garden full of colour, but flowers don't do well here, the soil and the plant eating creepy crawlies are against me.

  4. That is beautiful. I envy it too. :)

  5. It is pretty. And she sounds kind.