Trendy In My Overalls

The more astute among you have probably realised that this is not me!

I am a country maid, born on a farm deep in the heart of the country in the county of Devon in the UK. Look it up, 'tis a beautiful place.

People from other areas in the UK, tend to think we Devonians crunch carrots and walk about all day with a straw in our mouths saying "oo-arr" a lot - but I'll have you mockers know we country mice are now at the cutting edge of fashion. About time too.

I read an article this morning that anybody who is anybody is now wearing overalls (coveralls, dungarees) - and not just for feeding the cows and mucking out the horses. At last! 

As you can see these new-fangled overalls are tremendously stylish... especially when teamed with a pair of welly boots and some kind of graffiti-ridden old truck only fit for the knacker's yard.

So, here is the aspiration:

Unfortunately,  here is the reality!

So, ladies, if your husband is thinking of throwing away his old paint or dung-spattered overalls, hoick them out of the bin and take them for yourselves. 

Finally, here is the "wouldn't wear if I was freezing cold while walking naked in a snow storm" option.

There you have it: fashion advice from Around My Kitchen Table. You're welcome.


  1. Shoot, I did have a pair that I gave away recently. Who knew they would become fashionable again. I'm with you on those hanging crotch ones. Eeeew.

  2. The '90s are back. I remember the last time overalls were the in thing. I didn't wear them then, either. (It's not a good shape for my body. I knew that even when I was in my 20s.)

  3. I've seen those low crotch pants before and HATE them. The work overalls, though, are pretty comfortable. My mom bought a pair in her 80s and loved wearing them.

  4. If I had a figure like that model, I'd wear overalls too. But NEVER those low crotch "poop catchers".

  5. Never been into overalls. I am tall and they never fit correctly.

  6. Okay... I'll stick with T-shirts and the like. lol