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I loved platform shoes. They turned this short arse into a towering Amazon.

It was the 1970s and I had just moved into a flat with my three friends, Marion, Gill and Pauline. Incidentally, the flat was just down the road from Exeter Prison - a fact that isn't at all relevant to this story but I thought I'd include it.

We trendy young girls-about-town were off out for a wild evening - well, as wild as an evening ever got listening to folk music in The Mint Tavern in Fore Street, Exeter. We had just finished dressing up in our best lad-pulling togs when my parents turned up to deliver some of my belongings.

My father took one look at my new bubble perm, my purple maxi coat over red suede mini and my platform shoes and shook his head in despair. 

Imagine here an exasperated dad with a broad Devon accent: "The worse you can make yerself look, the 'appier you be!" he spluttered. My mum, ever the mediator, mumbled, "It's not that bad..." but I could tell she was just trying to be nice.

After they'd left my similarly attired friends assured me I was looking pretty damn fab in my new gear.

I knew it! I was, I thought, at the cutting edge of fashion. The fact that he was right and they were wrong is irrelevant.

My non-British friends may be wondering what the Devonshire accent sounds like. Here's a little video which will give you a flavour of it. It's a joke, so listen to the end if you can.

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh. I never had platform shoes but some of the other get-ups we thought were cool back when are Halloween costume worthy today. By the way, I still love maxi dresses and which I still had a few.

  2. Funny how we never get old enough that our parents won't say to us,"You really aren't going out dressed like that are you?" Pretty sure if they were alive, I'd hear it today.
    Took me a bit to get through the accent but enjoyed the box under the bed.

  3. Thank you for a real laugh on a day when I really needed it. Dare I say it, but I think I may be a little younger than you but my parents treated my fashion sense in exactly the same way!!!

  4. If only we could tell the kids how terrible they look. But they don't believe us.

  5. I think we have all been victims of the latest fashions when young. :)

  6. The latest fashion always looks stupid five years later.

  7. I never liked platform shoes, they always look too heavy and I imagined having to lift my feet higher to take each step and how silly I might look. I've never been a follower of fashion.

  8. What a great joke! :D I'll have to tell my husband this one. Be well!