North Korea Doesn't Dig Alan Titchmarsh

Our Alan in those subversive jeans.

Shock! Horror! Alan Titchmarsh has been banned by North Korean TV. Or, to be more precise, his JEANS have!

My British friends will know how mind-boggling it is for our "national treasure" Alan to have courted controversy in that most authoritarian of dictatorships. My friends from foreign shores are probably saying,  'Alan who?'

Let me enlighten you via his Wikepedia entry. 'Alan Fred Titchmarsh is an English gardener and broadcaster. After working as a professional gardener and a gardening journalist, he became a writer, and a radio and television presenter.' No mention on Wiki of his subversive tendencies, I notice.

Or even of the subversive tendencies of his jeans which are, according to North Korea, 'a symbol of American imperialism'. Alan, Alan, you little devil.

It's not the only time Alan's sartorial choices have come under fire. The Times criticised his zip-neck sweaters and described his cable knit sweater with a leather zip tip as "egregious" (outstandingly bad or shocking).

Alan replied in typical fashion by saying "egregious" wasn't included on the label but merely "hand wash only"!

I'll give the final word to Alan himself here on Instagram.

Look at this: 

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  1. He was banned for wearing jeans? Yikes. They are touchy, aren't they?