Mike's Whale Of A Time

Why is everyone talking about a lobster diver called Mike Packard?
He was swallowed by a whale.

Very Biblical. So what happened?
Mike  was diving for lobsters at Herring Cove Beach in Massachusetts and, like I said, he got swallowed whole by a humpback whale.

Yikes! Yikes and ouch!
Indeed. He was completely inside the whale and thought he was a goner.

He's here to tell the tale so presumably he wasn't.
No. Mike was obviously not to the whale's taste. Humpbacks normally hoover up krill, plankton and small fish.

How did Mike escape this fishy encounter?
Fishy? Whales are mammals. Do you know nothing?

Sorry. My bad. Back to my question. How did he escape?
He didn't so much escape but was regurgitated. The whale began shaking its head and resurfaced. The next thing Mike knew he was outside in the water. 

Then he was rescued?
Yes, he was picked up by his friend in their fishing boat and taken to Cape Cod Hospital. He wasn't badly injured and was home the same day.

This happened in 2021 so why are you telling me about it now?
There's film about to be released, set for screenings over the coming weeks at the New Hampshire Film Festival.

What's it called?
In The Whale but I think they've missed a trick. They should have called it Whale Meat Again.

Ah, based he old World War Two song We'll Meet Again. Topical..
Best I could do  with short notice.

Look at this: 

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