See You Later Alligator

Wally the alligator who has gone missing.

Why are telling me about Joie Henney's pet called Wally?
Wally is an emotional support pet and he's gone missing.

Very sad but why is it big news?
Wally is an alligator.

Ah, wouldn't be my choice but each to their own.
Joie says Wally has helped relieve his depression for a nearly a decade.

So what happened?
Joie took Wally with him to his holiday home in Brunswick, Georgia, where he was stolen, probably by pranksters, and dumped at a nearby property.

Authorities came to collect it and then released Wally into a 438,000-acre swamp dozens of miles away.

Oh dear. Poor Joie.
Joie is distraught and has turned to TikTok, where Wally has 143,000 followers, for help.

See you later, alligator. We hope.
"We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back," Mr Henney said in a tearful video posted on TikTok, where Wally has 143,000 followers.

So Joe hasn't given up hope.
No he's praying someone will bring Wally home and make it snappy.

Look at this: 

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